2009 Cadillac CTS-V Dyno

CTSvV in Houston Texas.

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09 CTS-V Launching!!!
enough said

09 CTS-V vs 99 Camaro SS
SUBSCRIBE TO THE NOR CAL RACING CHANNEL!! 99 LQ4 Camaro SS Low compression set-up before Supercharger install vs 2009 cadilliac CTS-V (only 500mi!!!) (All videos submitted by dagatez are computer generated, including this video)

09 CTS V Dyno run
Dyno Run for Dallas "V" get together at 21st Century Musclecars in Carrollton TX.

2009 cts V ctsv Dyno run and tune jesse bubb wait4meperformance
Dyno tune of stock 2009 cts-v supercharged cadillac. It is a manual 6 speed and gained a bunch out of just a tune and everything else stock.