BMW 330CI, SC300TT, S2000 canyon run in Washington

My buddy Derek is in the Stock 2004 BMW 330CI leading the pack, my brother Trevor is driving the Lexus SC300 1JZ-GTTE 5-speed, FMIC, 3" custom dp+Exhaust, K&N, Tokico Illuminas w/ custom springs, Diazen sways, cross drilled slotted brakes, koyo radiator etc.... Im driving the 2004 AP2 S2000, Espiler springs, K&N, Invidia 70mm TP & Ti Catback, CF hood, stripped trunk, ARC cooling plate. Usually the S2000 leads the pack and the SC300 follows closely, this was the 330CI first time running with us.

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Canyon Racing in the LA foothills
Canyon Racing in the LA foothils

bmw 330ci allemagne No LIMIT!!!!!!!
boulette en allemagne a 245km/h no limit vive l'allemagne!!!!!

bmw 330ci tunnel sound
straight pipes

Drifting the Lotus Elise & Conquest on mountain roads!!!
Mild oversteer/drift action in the wet with the Lotus Elise and the Chrysler Conquest turbo. The road was closed for months, its the perfect place to slide some corners so we got some footage. This was the first weekend of rain in 81 days in Washington so the roads were super slick and easy to slide. Enjoy and keep the negative comments to yourself (they will be deleted)