Supercharged Tiburon 2004

Engine bay start, rev. Exhaust view rev.

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SuperCharged Tiburon battles Tuned Focus ST
Couple street pulls with a very fast Eaton Supercharged Hyundai Tiburon V6 and a Tuned Ford Focus ST. Big thanks to the owner for coming out and throwing down! As always, like and Subscribe for future videos. Music BY: Ross Bugden

Tuning Hyundai Coupe - Tiburon - Instalation Warrior Mussa body kit
Установка обвеса Варриор Мусса - Тюнинг Hyundai Tiburon- Coupe. Производство компании Материал - стеклопластик. Срок изготовления 3-5 дней. Так же в ролике вы сможете увидеть расширенную версию Wide Body Добро пожалвать в наш интернет магазин

Stance Works Tiburon Slammed
Check out this slammed Hyundai Tiburon from the Hot Import Nights 2013 show in Orlando Florida. This car featured a very slammed aggressive stance and the lime green TE37 wheels really stood out. Check out the sweet vented hood and headlight modification that made this KDM machine unique.'s Supercharged 2.7 V6 Tiburon
340whp daily driven Flat black colored Widebody sounds like Ferrari. Don't mind the wheels we will be changing them soon.