Ford Expedition snow drifting

ford expedition snow drifting by Jay

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4×4 ford expedition off road
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Snow Fun
my cousin trying to doughnuts on the snow, fail or success you be the judge

4x4 Ford Expedition treading tough snow & slush
Driving around Moscow, Idaho in my Ford Expedition in 4x4, treading the melting snow. Almost got stuck in a side-ride that had deep slush and was on a steep incline. We had a huge snowfall in the last few days, and then a thaw, so it made driving treacherous. Music: Psalm 2 by The Everlasting Word Band Photo of camera mounted on the car:

Expedition slides on Snow
So my cousin pulls into this spot so that we can get off and mess around in the snow, the only thing was when he pulled in all four wheels were in the snow, so it made for a interesting video of him backing out of the spot