Ford Capri - Australian TV commercial (1969)

Aussie ad for the nifty Capri. Transferred from a 16mm film print in my collection by James Paterson.

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Clive Robertson's World Tonight - "Homicide" cast
From 1992, here's a ripper piece of late-night TV, as the "Beauty & The Beast" segment features former "Homicide" cops Alwyn Kurts, Leonard Teale, and George Mallaby. If you listen carefully, you'll hear Alwyn ask Clive if he's noticed that George isn't wearing his brown suit - George's response indicates that it was by then something of a sore point...

Sheena Easton - "Tonight Live" (1991)
A 1991 appearance on "Tonight Live" by Sheena Easton, chatting with host Richard Stubbs

Coca-Cola / Coke "Kite" - Australian TV commercial (1975)

Graham Kennedy - overseas trip, 1961
Silent footage of Graham Kennedy's European trip in 1961, which was bankrolled by Glo-Weave in return for some unobtrusive, low-key product placement...