Ford Capri - Australian TV commercial (1969)

Aussie ad for the nifty Capri. Transferred from a 16mm film print in my collection by James Paterson.

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Aussie TV commercial slogans (July 2017 edit)
If you're of a certain vintage, you'll remember most (if not all) of these...

New Idea - TV commercial (1979)
Nice "New Idea" ad, fronted by the lovely Barbara Stephens.

Mobilco chainsaws - Australian TV commercial
TVC for Mobilco chainsaws, featuring user reviews by happy customers.

"Leave It To The Girls" - Terry Dear (ATN-7, 1957).
Another 1957 ATN-7 program, "Leave It To The Girls" was another transplanted radio series, best described as an early version of "Beauty & The Beast". (Apologies for the minor sync problem!).