Walter Mitty V8 Corvair

International American Challenge

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Ride in the F-Bomb (383 stroker Corvair)
Just a quick ride in my Corvair. Car currently has a 383 stroker, Porsche 915 transaxle, 930 banana arms and rear brakes, and 69 Camaro front brakes

HSR Savannah Speed Classic, V8 Corvair of Mike Levine
A few laps of Sat Race before engine issues!

Mid-Engine Crown Corvair: Porsche Cayman Fighter - /BIG MUSCLE
Owner: • Chuck Rust Wouldn't it have been great if the United States had one truly great mid-engine sports car? I mean yes, there was the Ford GT40, Ford GT and of course the Pontiac Fiero (that sucked though), but just imagine if American manufacturers really had their act together and created something awesome. Chuck Rust, the owner of this 1965 Corvair Crown V8, knew that the little Chevy had great potential and that with A LOT of work (and some ingenuity), it could be turn into something outstanding. This car is about fun, performance and proving people wrong. It sounds outstanding, has some of the best lines out there, and thanks to a little funky paint and graphic work from its' owner, has a presence that few cars can match. One of the most well balanced performers we've ever driven, this Corvair Crown had us grinning from ear to ear from the first moment we turned the key.

Twin Turbo V8 Corvair
Forza 4 engine swap. corvair with venom 1000 engine