Yamaha XS750 cafe racer

Building a cafe racer from a simple XS750

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Yamaha triple XS750 cafe racer 1. time on the road

Top 5 Mistakes about Cafe Racer Projects
Visit the new Website of Racer TV: www.becaferacer.com (Legendado em Português) If you are an amateur builder thinking in Cafe Racer project, you definitely should see this. This video will alert you for the most common mistakes, that any beginner usually can't predict. During our lives, many things are learned after making mistakes. An my intention here, is only to help you avoiding those mistakes. Enjoy. My special thanks to Pedro Torres, for his great help with my english.

Cafe racer 750 XS YAMAHA
Facs Moto Cafe Racer [ http://www.facs-moto.com ] Video Cafe racer Yahama 750 XS réalisé par Facs Moto Facs Moto est un cafe Racer basé en Normandie dans la région de Dieppe. Spécialiste Polyester et selle personnalisée

10 Best Sounding 3-Cylinder Bikes
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