TRANSLOGIC 32: Japan, Modding

We travel to Japan for a look at some of the most innovative, interesting and insane forms of transportation in the world. First up: modding culture. The Japanese don't just modify their cars for performance and style, they trick out their scooters and cargo vans as well!

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Drift! - Japan New MBT (Main Battle Tank) Type10 Tank Prototype (TK-X) New Test Video
★ Type 10 MBT-X Prototype (TK-X) The Type 10 TK-X (MBT-X) project aims to build a new main battle tank to replace the existing Type 74 main battle tanks currently in service with the Japan Ground Self Defense Force. This tank will be deployed to the narrower and more mountainous regions of the country. The design emphased C4I capabilities as well as increasing performance, firepower, defense and mobility. The Type 10 has sloped turret armor similar to the Leopard 2A5, as well as a side profile similar to the Leclerc. The use of modular components, thereby significantly improving the side armor in comparison to the Type 90. The vehicle's armor can be reconfigured depending on the needs. Without additional armor plating, the vehicle weighs about 40 tons, while weighing about 48 tons with all of the add-on armor. A day & night 360 degree sight is also mounted on the turret, which can be integrated with the "new Basic Regimental Command & Control System". Compared to the Type 90, the Commander's Panoramic Sight has been moved to the right and is located at a higher position, giving the commander a wide field of view. By one report, the vehicle is expected to be armed with the 120-mm smoothbore gun developed by Japan Steel Works. This company also license-produces the Rheinmetall 120-mm / L44 gun for the Type 90 MBT. There is an option for L55 or a new barrel 50 caliber in length. The TK-X main battle tank will fire a newly developed armor-piercing ammunition. It is compatible with all standard 120-mm NATO ammunition. Secondary armament consists of coaxially mounted 7.62-mm machine gun and a roof mounted remotely controlled 12.7-mm machine gun. It will use an autoloader, with a crew of three (Commander and gunner in the turret, driver in the hull). It will use Continuously Variable Transmission, and is equipped with active hydropneumatic suspension, which allows it to adjust its stance. The tank can "sit", "stand", "kneel" or to "lean" in any direction. This feature gives a number of advantages. This new lightweight MBT weighs significantly less than other modern battle tanks. It is 10 tons lighter than the current Japanese Type 90 main battle tank. The 40-ton tank was designed to be lightweight in order to comply with Japanese road laws. Laws banning heavy vehicles meant that the Type 90 could not operate outside Hokkaido, except at certain training facilities. The new MBT can be transported on standard commercial trailers. On 15 December 2001, the Japanese Government approved a new mid-term procurement plan for its Self-Defense Forces totaling 25,160 billion yen (US$223.6 billion). Research projects were planned for five years, including the development of a new battle tank with advanced command-and-control capabilities. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is the main contractor of the TK-X. Development of components began in 1990s, and as of 2008 production was expected to start in 2010-2011. A prototype of the '3.5-generation' tank was revealed on February 13th, 2008 at the Ground Systems Research Center of the Technology Research and Development Institute (TRDI) in Sagamihara. The development cost as of 2008 was approximately JPY¥48,400,000,000, or approximately USD$447m. Each unit was expected to cost approximately JPY¥700,000,000, or USD$6.5m. ★Japan TRDI Official Comment: -New Tank is the successor to the current main battle tanks. This MBT will have improved "firepower", "protection", and "mobility" together with "advanced C4I".- ★Type10 Prototype (TK-X) Spec★ Weight 44 (40-48) ton Length 9.42 m Width 3.24 m Crew 3 Unit cost of 700 million Japanese Yen Modular composite armour. side armor of the turret is Anti RPG modular composite armour. Active Suspension. Continuously Variable Transmission. C4ISR. All 360°CITV. and All 360°TV camera enemy caution function. drift drifting tank main battle japan japanese jgsdf tk-x mbt-x china pla korea jsdf army military mbt type99 99a2 type90 90式 10式 戦車 新戦車 坦克 T-72 T-80 T-90 T-95 xk-2 xk2 K1A1 Challenger2 Merkava M1A1 M1A2 Leclerc leopard2 leopard2A4 leopard2A5 leopard2A6 leopard2A7 best top ranking world Future Combat Systems FCS german renk acceleration cvt Euro Power Pack mtu mitsubishi trdi automatic transmission

TRANSLOGIC 30: SEMA + X Prize Winners
SEMA may be best known for its outlandish display of aftermarket bling, but we went in search of some legitimate tech. We found the Mission One PLE electric sportbike, Wattshocks regenerative suspension system, and the winners of the automotive X Prize.

Japan Car Mod Gangs - Kaido (Highway) Racer I
A strange phenomenon occured in the 80s - the birth of the car modding genre "Kaido Racer". Kaido means Highway in Japanese. The idea was to take a regular car and make it colorful, as wildly modded as possible and often as noisy as possible. The modding isnt to make the car better - it is to take a car and turn it into a public offense. The idea was to essentially rebel against the law - the cars are illegally modded with huge tailpipes that often run directly from the engine block, massive spoilers that jut out to the point of being absurd. This modding style was popular around the Tokyo area in the 80s and like most Japanese trends, evntually died out in the larger centers....but trickled into the countryside and remained in small pockets of Japan. This footage was taken from an event that took place in Ibaragi Prefecture in 2007... a countryside province of Japan - nothing but rice fields, simple people and idiots like these guys... These car enthusiasts are usually lower income manual labour countryside types - bricklayers, builders, mechanics and such. "Hicks" would be a suitable term to describe them simply. The premise is to drive up and down the highway making a nuisance of themselves... revving the engine noisily, hanging out the window, driving slowly, swerving all over the road, causing obstructions and being defiant toward the police. Rebellion born into a very peculiar form of expression. The funniest part is that these guys are dead serious about it. This isn't funny to them - It's a lifestyle.

Tour of a Junkyard in Japan
In this video I give you a tour of a junkyard in Japan. A lot of nicer cars that would be cool projects back in the states. Sorry for the low volume - the iPhone 6 microphone is not the greatest:( Rate/comment/subscribe! Part II is available here: