2012 Ford Focus- Active Grille Shutter

The 2012 Ford Focusis ahead of it's class with its technology and attitude, with it's dynamic design and sporty appearance. This video will show you how the new active grille shutter works and how it will end your vehicle. This is a european model. For more information on all of our Focus, other vehicles and our dealership please check out www.kochfordlincoln.com. With each piece of inventory we try to create a personalized inspection report giving you the all the information.

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Active Grille Shutters_2012

MkIII 2012 Ford Focus Active Grille Shutters
This system is explained in more detail here: http://focushacks.com/news/2012/Oct/In_Focus:_MkIII_Focus_Active_Grille_Shu tter_system

Active Grille Shutter in the Winter
A conversation about the question on everyones mind. What will happen to the active grille shutters in a Canadian Winter. Well not to fret any longer, they have compensated for this. Listen as he explains a little bit about it. Also, be sure to check out our other videos from the Edmonton International Auto Show. Tons more info on the Focus, Explorer, even fun events that were around.

2012 Ford Focus: LCD Message Center
Tour of the driver's LCD message center on the 2012 Ford Focus