Third Gen Fest 11' Firebirds And Camaros leaving getting sidways. burnouts 3

turbo trans am leaving in the beginning of the video. Notice the lightning in the backround of video.

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thirdgen fest 2014 camaro+firebird burnouts leaving

Thirdgen fest 2013 burnouts/cars leaving video 6 of 7
Around 45 sec that is a 89 TTA with mickey Thompson street radials out back. after that The 87 Iroc won 3 trophy. The Camaro was a fan favorite there.

Third Gen Fest 11' Camaros and firebird Leaving 1
A short video of third gen fest with everyone leaving.

Third Gen Roundup cars leaving Duke's
this was all the cars leaving heading to the photoshoot. thank to Robbie for the footage!