Third Gen Fest 11' Firebirds And Camaros leaving getting sidways. burnouts 3

turbo trans am leaving in the beginning of the video. Notice the lightning in the backround of video.

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Third Gen Fest 11' Camaros and firebird Leaving 1
A short video of third gen fest with everyone leaving.

Street Actions Third-Gen Rideout 2014
Street Actions Third-Gen Rideout (Camaros & Trans Ams ONLY) 2014 Songs: "Bitch I Look Good" by Kool John ft. P Lo "Nothing" by Kool John ft. IAMSU! & Dave Steezy

1992 Firehawk
Got it from here:

Burnouts, Wheelspins, Powerslides and Accelerations. EPIC compilation! [HD]
Facebook: Part 1 of a, currently 4-part, series showing amazing burnouts, wheelspins, powerslides, drifts, accelerations, revs and more! All cars leaving the Wheels Day car show, 2013. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did witnessing it. Flickr: Tumblr: