Build A Motorcycle Part 1 Frames Learn the proper process and techniques the pros chopper builders use to setup your frame when going through the mock-up phase of building your custom motorcycle

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The Great Biker Build Off- Billy Lane Vs Russel Mitchel (English)
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World Biker Build-Off | E01
World Biker Build-Off | E01

Let's Build A Motorcycle - Building The Frame Jig
Here is what you need! Full Frame Jig: Rotisserie: Jig Instructions & Requirements: Tool's Required For the Jig Rachets & Sockets Drill bits & Drill (Preferable a step-bit that goes up to 7/8th inch) Welder (Gas preferred) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- *NEW SHIRTS!!! - *HATS - Like the music? Heres a playlist: SHIRTS AND HOODIES: *Patreon: *Twitch: *Gaming Channel: *Res Covers, Stickers, & Keychains!: *Stickers:

Motorcycle Frame Build Part 1 A video presentation on a motorcycle frame build that covers the basics of a chopper frame (rigid) and what its common characteristics are, including mounts. In part 2 we cover frame geometry including frame stretching and rake. For more detailed information get our free mini course.