Build A Motorcycle Part 1 Frames Learn the proper process and techniques the pros chopper builders use to setup your frame when going through the mock-up phase of building your custom motorcycle

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Motorcycle Frame Build Part 1 A video presentation on a motorcycle frame build that covers the basics of a chopper frame (rigid) and what its common characteristics are, including mounts. In part 2 we cover frame geometry including frame stretching and rake. For more detailed information get our free mini course.

Building With the Iler Brothers: Episode 3: Weld on Hardtail: 1952-1978
Hammer In Hand Custom Cycles presents another how to on installing our newest custom part, the weld on hardtail. Ivan shows how easy it is to create a whole new look to your motorcycle. Please check out our website for more product information. Note: This video is for 1952-1978 model Ironhead Sportster frames, the backbones for the other years do not get cut in the same place.

Making A Custom Chopper Hard Tail For A Matchless Frame
Various Stages Involved In Making A Custom Chopper Hard Tail For A Matchless Frame

Building a Chopper Chassis
This 6-minute video shows highlights from the 70-minute long 'Building a Chopper Chassis' DVD. You can get more information about welding and metalworking on our website -