Chameleon Mark 8

This is my 1995 lincoln mark 8. It is paint code TA . Factory chameleon blue. 1 of 202 made. The only thing not stock is the trunk emblem. Watch her change colors. And look at the reflection in the 15 year old wheels. It could only be better if it was the Tasca supermark.

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Линкольн Марк 8.flv vot tut delajut

Electric Suicide Trunk kandy out markⅧ fogiato
solid cc markⅧ high quality kandy out paint & Electric trunk DUB fogiato

1995 Lincoln Mark VIII Suspension
Mark VIII with an apparent leak in front air suspension. Start-up and watch it raise up. a truly riveting video.

The Mustang Cobra Has A Mark VIII Engine
Contrary to popular myth, the Lincoln Mark VIII does not have a Cobra engine in it. In fact, it's the other way around. The Mark VIII got the 4.6L DOHC aluminum V-8 in 1993. The Cobra didn't get it until 1996. Therefore the Cobra actually has a version of the Mark VIII's engine.