Chameleon Mark 8

This is my 1995 lincoln mark 8. It is paint code TA . Factory chameleon blue. 1 of 202 made. The only thing not stock is the trunk emblem. Watch her change colors. And look at the reflection in the 15 year old wheels. It could only be better if it was the Tasca supermark.

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a few of my cars
this is a slide show i made of a few pics of the cars ive had and done alot too im still learning the editing playing with the transitions in this vid

7/30/10 - last time you'll see it..

Electric Suicide Trunk kandy out markⅧ fogiato
solid cc markⅧ high quality kandy out paint & Electric trunk DUB fogiato

Paul's Lincoln of Death
Paul Carpinteri's Lincoln Mark VIII on the Dyno at Arizona Dyno Chip.