Not All Boats Are Created Equal!!!!!!! Jet boat racing; Raven Racing Video Presents: A Day at the races in Hoopa California during the Trinty River Thunder! Jetboats and Hydros take to the water in an all out battle to see who will take home the trophy in this years race! Video available on DVD shortly! Music from Saints of Silence.For more jet boat racing information go to: and take a look at the page! See ya on the River!

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Ever seen a race boat drift? Ever seen drifting in a race boat?? Ride along through the lens of onboard cameras.You'll see team Unpredictable do their best impression of drifting in a race boat at around 2:25. These boats are capable of over 100+ mph,Running in less than 6 inches of water at times. The race boat will drift from one side of te river completely across to the other side.

Jet Boat Racing... Guaranteed Satisfaction!
See what up to 1000 horsepower sounds like from these whitewater jetboats with their motors blasting through your systems speakers. Nothing like good old fashion roaring engines. Don't try this at home. Professional drivers on a closed course.

~Whitewater Racing Madness~ Highlight Video~ Whitewater jet boat racing highlight video. Fast speed boats hit the rivers.

All Motors No Music series 2 uncut racing
We threw out the music and let the motors with the deep V-8 engine sounds to fill your eardrums to capacity. These high performance motors will make music to your ears for the true motor head. We were only about 45 feet away from them as the race boats going tearing by the camera. These race boats are composed of aluminum tunnel hulls. There motors range from big block and small block Chevys,Fords,and your ocassional T-58 gas turbine helicopter engine. We would appreciate it if you left a comment and rating on of motors only series! Thanks racing16