Toyota Starlet Glanza V Turbo Exhaust Soundcheck!

98 Glanza V Fujitsubo Power Getter Exhaust System Blitz Decat Pipe Dave Burwash Manifold HDI Front Mount Intercooler Toy Tuning Filter Relocation Kit HKS Actuator @ 1.0Bar TD Fuel Pump Kit Blitz Access ECU SARD Blow Off Valve Magnecore HT Leads Irdium Grade7 Spark Plugs Air Con Removed 1st & 2nd Gear Boost Restriction Removed Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2's w/ 195/45/15 The car is otherwise stock!

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Toyota Starlet Glanza V sound check!
hi guys this is a little different from my normal vids but i thought i would show you my other hobbies- anyways this is my Toyota starlet Glanza V japanese import, its fairly standard but got a few modifications. Engine mods include - Mitsubishi evo 9 front mounted Intercooler with custom piping, Blitz induction, HKS actuator, japspeed catback Exhaust. please like and subscribe thank you for watching!

Toyota Starlet Glanza V 5Zigen Pro Racer exhaust system
quick shoot of my new glanza **bought stock** done alot to this one :) forged time soon with TDO4 :) anyways.. its a 5Zigen Pro Racer Exhaust system but I have the mid silencer removed SOUNDS SO MUCH BETTER :)

starlet turbo Dartford tunnel run!!!
After a Starlet meet in bluewater on the 1/12/07 a few off us decided to go for a run through the darford tunnel on our way home

Mk4 Golf PD150 - 238.1bhp - Burnout in Slow Motion.
A Mk4 Golf PD150 1.9TDI. 238.1bhp & 325.4lbft Exhaust, DPF Delete, Intake, Hybrid turbo & Remap.