Fresh Meet: A Unique Meet 2012

If you liked the video please LIKE my Facebook page!!! If you need a photographer or videographer for your meet/show/Private shoot email me: Fresh Meet events held a meet this past Sunday and It was great until, well just watch the video to find out. This took place in Union New Jersey! This was my first Fresh meet and I drove over an hour to get there but It was definitely worth it, had a great time. Please Check out my Facebook for High-Res photos from this event: Music Used in Video (No copyright intended, please support the artists) : Skylar Grey vs. Dirty South - Invisible (Tiesto remix) "Already There" John West feat. Big Sean (DJ Reflex Remix) John West's Website:

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#ShrinkAllTheCars Meet
Like my page: At 4:30 am I got up and made my way down to Philly for the Shrink All The Cars meet to help benefit a fellow car lover in need. Thousands were raised and hundreds showed up. This meet got so big it had to be shut down and two after meets were formed around Philly. People came from all over for this meet. Before the meet I had a shoot with a car from Virgina and after one from Ohio. Those shots to come soon. I had such a blast at this event seeing so many friends and making some new ones. If you are interested in any images as prints or setting up a private photo or video shoot just message me and we'll get the ball rolling! Song used: (No copyright intended, please support original artist) Tray Jack - Your Good (Prod Brenton Duvall)

HONDA DAY 2013 | Englishtown, NJ | Time Attack Photography
Honda Day was established in 2002 to bring together all Honda lovers, from the eg coupe daily project builds to the $50k+ fully built show cars. Big shout out to the creator of Honda Day, Javier Ortega, and all the staff who make this event possible year after year! If you enjoyed the video, please like, comment, and subscribe! Thanks! Video is not intended for profit Music used: Lupe Fiasco - Super Cold (Remix) ****I do NOT own the rights to the music used within this video. All credit goes to the artist and producers respectively****

Tuner Evolution 2013
Like my page: This was my first time attending one of Tuner Evolution's shows. It was also the first show I actually got some time to relax at and talk to some friends, and grab a bite to eat...calmly. That however comes at the expense of being there for two days but hey it was worth it. I started on my way to Philly with some friends from S.L.O.W and Ravspec, who were kind enough to let me spend the night in their hotel room. On Friday we went straight to the EXPO center and started setting up and getting ready. I then got most of my behind the scenes footage. After all of that I made my way 45 mins east to the Panda Pre-Meet. I had a good time there seeing some friends and getting a few cool shots. After I made my way back as soon as I got to the hotel I noticed my friend Chris leaving in his green NSX. I noticed before an awesome movie theater right across the street. I stopped my car left it running and ran out to catch him before he left. We then headed over to the movie theater to grab some Rig shots which will be posted separately. Anddddd then we got kicked off their grounds. Crashed at the hotel for 3 hours then got back up at 6 to get a full day of footage started. The ravspec team and I made our way over to the expo center and got to work. I was filming all day from 7am to 8pm. I had such a good time seeing everyone and enjoying some amazing home cooked food by Jay Martinez's mom. After the bikini contest was over I made my way back home. Got up the next morning at 5 for a stance nation shoot ;). Hope everyone enjoys my photos as well as my main video and for the first time a behind the scenes video! Thank you for your support everyone! Music Used: (No copyright infringement intended, please support the original artist): Daughter - Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix)

Stance Wars Vegas 2016 (4K) | Stance Nation
So as you may remember we left off with Mike and the Stance Wars team back in Seattle, Washington last year. While on my way home from a shoot in Daytona, Florida recently I got a call from Mike asking if I wanted to come out and film their Vegas show. We booked a flight while I was in the airport on that call. I flew into Vegas with a couple cars lined up to shoot that I arranged through Instagram with the help of California's #TeamReckless. I owe a huge thank you to them as they all helped drive me around all weekend capturing the rollers you see in this film as well as other....interesting Vegas activities. I was beyond thrilled to see everyone from Seattle again as well as new faces from California, Vegas, and surround states. For this film I teamed up with Matt Rosendahl, whom I met while filming in Seattle last year. Matt, who is an extremely talented filmmaker, brought along his anamorphic lens to Vegas lending some amazing flares to the film. We meshed together awesome and our styles and variations in lenses really helped add so many different layers to this project. At one point during the show while the sun was setting, by the way I think Vegas has the most beautiful sunsets, I turned around after prepping some gear and there was a line of people queued up to talk to me. This blew me away and caught me by surprise. So many people picked up stickers and I got to meet so many inspirational and up and coming creators. Thank you guys for bringing a smile to my face and making my trip so much better. All around I had a blast at the show and around Vegas seeing and going out with some of my best friends who moved out to LA. This was such an amazing weekend and I think this film portrays that as such. Can't wait to see what Mike and the Stance Wars team has in store next... Follow me on IG: @Krispy Follow Matt on IG: @MattRosendahl Follow Stance Wars: @StanceWars Like my FB page for LIVE EVENTS and more: Pick up Krispy stickers from my website soon here: For more info on events like this visit: Music in Order Use (Please support the original artists): Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas" (Sample) -------- Ozone - "resist" -------- NYQUILL - "only you" -------- MIRVZH - "CONDEMN" -------- YUNG BAE & Swindail - "Here With Me" -------- MVEJIMV - "minority \\ マイノリティー" -------- Lazy Weekends - "Make Me Believe"