240sx vs Supra highway run

We took off when the camera car got next to the Supra... The camera car is quite fast...

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240sx vs k20 eg
rb25 240sx vs k20 eg from a dig

1200HP Supra vs Nissan 240SX Drag Race
A 1200hp MKIV Toyota Supra vs S13 240SX Sorry about the camera not focusing at the end, it with all the smoke in the air and it being night time, my cheapish camera didn't want to focus. The Supra got a 11.5 in the run, he didn't run all the way, and the 240, well honestly no one really paid any attention to it lol

Toyota Supra Turbo (Walser) vs Suzuki Hayabusa (Highway Run)
1st Clip: Walsers Supra vs Suzuki Hayabusa (stock bike) 2nd Clip: Walsers Supra vs 2 Heavily Modded Hayabusas... Bad Ass

NASCAR Chassis Dyno Pull
February 19, 2010 First pair of pulls on the chassis Dyno. First minute or two of mini pulls is to warm up the oil and coolant. Dyno recorded from 5000RPM to 8000RPM (110mph to 190mph), rear wheels are spinning in excess of 190mph when the throttle is released. Car made close to 685rwhp and 505rwtq on the second run. I will post actual numbers when I have them. First pull @ 2:26 Second Pull @ 2:55