Bug Out Vehicle- Retrofit Projector Upgrade HID headlight

Many people have asked me "what is up with my headlights", well lately I have had duct tape on them because I hadnt figured out how to finish my project of doing a HID retro conversion. Basically taking the old halagen headlights and replacing them with HID projectors from a newer SUV. Upgrading. Now many people simply put "HID KITS" in there headlights just replacing the bulb,which is a poor excuse for proper lighting. The original housing cannot focus that much light and simply blinds everyone else on the road. But when I pull up next to a wall and shine my lights along with a range rover or BMW it would take a true lighting guru to tell which was mine ,a 77 international scout or a 80,000 dollar BMW SUV.

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BOV- thoughts
sort of stream of thought about planning your route, brain storming possible obsticles. One of my routes had 2 feet of snow not a 1/4 mile from the freeway. Then on a quiet sunday, hit traffic from a contruction delay, with people running out of gas, one guy over heated with coolant running over the ground, like I said a motorcycle would be a great BOV but a least you could get home.

79 IH Scout 2 HID 6024 Headlight Demo
Custom set of 7 in round HID 6024 bulb size headlights. Full HID projection kit not just the cheap bulb upgrade kit. Also has angel eye park lights. Plugs straight into factory harness so no wiring involved other than grounding and power wire to the battery. These lights put out more than 5x the light than stock sealed beam bulbs. Fits any car with a 6024 bulb size. Comes with all wiring, relay control boxes and ballasts. Ready to drop in. Also available in rectangular size.

. I do not call myself and expert i have learned and practiced a set of skill set's and believe Knowledge that isn't shared has no value. I value your feed back and comments . https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2915870&u=2915870&ty=h Patron Link

07 Ford F150 8000k HID Headlight Conversion Install BIG DIFFERENCE!
a video showing the install of a set of 8,000k HID's in my 2007 ford F150. Before, during and after showing full install and results. Visit www.futurevisionhid.com to get yours! They are so worth it, once you go HID, you will not go back!