F1 Watkins Glen 1977 Hans Joachim Stuck spins

Der führende Hans Joachim Stuck wirft sein Auto, nachdem er sich bravourös an den zu überrundenden Fahrzeugen vorbeikämpfte, in die Leitplanken und konnte somit die sich ihm ergebene Chance, seinen ersten Grand Prix zu gewinnen, unglücklicherweise nicht nutzen.

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Watkins Glen 1973 Fatal Cevert
Cenas do qualifying para o GP EUA ( Watkins Glen ) 1973 de F-1

Hans-Joachim Stuck guida la Porsche 956 guidata da Stefan Bellof
http://www.trackfever.eu Stuck è un omo fortunato. Molto fortunato. Ha avuto la possibilità di guidare la splendida Porsche 956 Rothmans, telaio nr.007, guidata da Stefan Bellof al Ring. Proprio la vettura che ha permesso al pilota tedesco di segnare in qualifica il tempo record, tutt'ora imbattuto di 6 minuti e 11 secondi. Un uomo fortunato, non c'è che dire!

Vittorio Brambilla - Wir werden auf Dich warten...
My visual interpretation of the song Vittorio Brambilla by Gelee Royale about the fearless former Formula 1 racing driver Vittorio Brambilla who dies aged 63 in unspectacular fashion whilst mowing his garden lawn in Monza, text by Martin Amanshauser. Lyrics (sample): **** Vittorio - where you are today now? when I call on cell phone sounds like the mailbox like a spider web maybe you're still outside in the garden Please take your time We will wait for you **** Title: Vittorio Brambilla Music: Geleé Royale Voice: Franz Adrian Wenzl Lyrics: Martin Amanshauser Video: Stefan Schmidt

THE WORST FATAL CRASH OF ALL TIME (Jeff Krosnoff fatal Crash - Live Coverage)
RIP... On July 14, 1996 with 3 laps to go in the Molson Indy Toronto at Exhibition Place Krosnoff was involved in a horrendous accident. Krosnoff's car made wheel-to-wheel contact with the car of Stefan Johansson, sending it into the air, over a concrete barrier, and into the catch fencing lining the street course.[1] The fence did not deflect the car enough to keep it from hitting a tree which was inside the fencing. The violence of the accident left the car broken in half and sent the cockpit section back across the track. Even though the paramedics were there almost immediately, Krosnoff was already dead after striking the tree. A track volunteer, Gary Avrin, was also killed in the accident when he was struck by the right front wheel of Krosnoff's then-airborne car.