pontiac trans am

Running my 87 pieced out 305 Trans Am at the reopen of 75-80 dragway. Best time of 15.5 quarter mile.

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305 HO Malibu Races Dodge Neon SRT4, and MazdaSpeed 6
late 70s Malibu with 305 HO vs SRT4 and MS6. Srt4 is stage 1.5 and takes the malibu. MS6 launches on the malibu, but gets caught up. :)

Loving Chevrolet and Bob Banning Dodge 75-80 dragway 4-26-09 #2
another good pass on the "Bounty Hunters" 64 Dodge

87 Firebird Trans AM Stock Quarter Mile
87 Firebird Trans AM 305 TPI 2.42 Gears Stock Motor 15.4 Quarter Mile

75/80 dragway
GSXR600 VS SV1000