Glasair: Build an airplane in two weeks

Glasair's "Two Weeks To Taxi" program has been approved by the FAA. Pilots can now build their own experimental category "homebuilt" aircraft with the help of Glasair technicians inside of two weeks vacation time.

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Glasair III Full Demonstration with Garmin G3X
This is my 2014 Glasair III. Demonstration of aircraft from startup to shut down including unusual attitudes, autopilot operation, cruise performance, and G3X function. This plane has a 1050 lb useful load and will carry two adults, 100 lbs of bags and enough fuel to travel at least 1200 NM with IFR reserves at 205 to 210 knots using 9.5 to 12 GPH depending on altitude. Video is from a Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 at 1080p and 30 FPS.

The Longworths build a Glasair Sportsman aircraft in two weeks
Our hard work but fun-filled TWTT (two weeks to taxi) Sportsman building experience

Glasair Factory Demo Video

Building The Glasair Super IIs RG
Photos from the various stages of building my Glasair Super IIs RG