2.2L Supercharged Ion Sedan

Vid of my supercharged 2.2L Ion sedan. Ignore the couple of bounces off the rev limiter. I hadn't adjusted my shift light for my new redline and it was throwing me off lol.

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How to Supercharge a 2.2L L61 Ecotec - Part 1 - Parts Walkthrough
A walk-through of all of the parts that I am going to be using to supercharge my 2007 Saturn Ion 2.2L. Quick explanation of how I am setting up my parts, sensors, wiring adapters, and Option-B cooling system. All parts are used from a Cobalt SS. Going to be using HP Tuners and a local expert to complete my tune.

How to Supercharge a 2.2L L61 Ecotec - Part 2 - Engine Bay, Idle, and Driving
Follow me on Instagram @ionrice Redlineforums: liquidmetal97 * * * * * Please watch Part 1 for a detailed parts walkthrough. * * * * * This video goes through my 2007 2.2L Saturn Ion Supercharger build. Begins with how the parts are set-up, modifications needed to be made, then a start-up and idle of the build. Finishes off with some street pulls! Hope this helps those who are interested in doing this build. - Engine Bay Walkthrough: 0:18 - Start-Up and Idle: 4:54 - Driving/Pulls: 7:46 Build specs are as follows: - ZZP Tuned (HP Tuners unlocked ECM, e-mailed tune file installed) - 3.1" pulley in this video (I now have a 2.9" making 16psi) - The 3.1" made just shy of 12psi on my build - 60# injectors - LSJ 2.5 bar TMAP sensor used - LSJ alternator bracket and tensioner - LSJ idler pulley - LSJ stock heat exchanger - LSJ IC pump and IC pump bracket under manifold - Option B tank (single pass end plate) - 5 rib LSJ belt (have to cut 1 rib off for L61 crank, alternator, and AC) - LSJ throttle body (6 pin to 8 pin adapter) - Custom fabricated Weapon-R CAI (cut-up from a Cobalt SS) - K&N cone style filter

ion red line vs Ls1

06 saturn ion 2.2 procharged
06_ion2's saturn ion 2.2 procharged