CA18DET GT3071R 120-250km/h

accélération de 120 à 250 en 3eme et 4eme pression 1.8bar sur le gt3071r cartographie en cours d'évolution.

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Many of you asked us, how is the response with the setup. Here you can see. ;) Important modifications that affect the response: - CA18DET [1850ccm] - Intake-Camshaft: HKS 256/8.8 - Exhaust-Camshaft: HKS 264/9.0 - stock Throttlebody/Intake Manifold - D.Speed style Exhaust Manifold (cheap China Manifold) - GT2871R 0.64 - 743347 - 4 Trim 48 - 3 inch Exhaust - 100 Cell Catalysator - Apexi Airfilter - ARC Turnflow-Intercooler [470x260x65mm] with 2.25 Inch connections - about 2600mm Piping with 7x 90 degree bends [2,25 Inch] - stock compression [1.2mm HKS Headgasket] - BLITZ DSBC Spec R Boostcontrol - Nistune by - Temperature: 12 ° C / 53.6 ° F

180sx with 3071R (320rwhp) passing R32, R33 GTR, Mazda 808 with 13B turbo, RX8 and catching WRX STi
Captured at Wakefield Park, Goulburn in late 2009. Modified Nissan RPS13 180sx passes R32 GTR, R33 GTR, RX8, Corolla and Mazda 808 with 13B turbo and catches WRX STi. Car has GT3071R, Poncams, Haltech Platinum ECU, Tein coilovers, R32 brakes, Greddy Sump, HKS EVC, Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator, EBC Redstuff pads, Tomei Rocker Arm Stoppers, Nismo 740cc injectors, Greddy BOV, Sparco Pro 2000 drivers seat. Car made 242rwkw on 17psi but is only running 12psi in this video. Owner of R33 GTR in video claims to have 300kw at the wheels. Best time recorded with this car is 1:11.02 on street tyres and 12psi, this track is not ideal for the 3071R as you will see I often lose ground exiting corners due to the lag. Will be fitting semi slicks and expect to lap around 1:08-1:09 on 15psi.

Fully Forged CA18DET - GT2860RS @ 1.6bar
This is my fully forged CA18DET pulling a 0-200kmh. Supertech 84mm pistons ZRP connecting rods GT2860RS turbocharger Cometic MLS gasket ACL Race bearings ARP bolts Mocal oil cooler FMIC 560cc Evo injectors 76mm full Exhaust (downpipe and de-cat) NISTune engine management system tuned by Bill Nakos (Powerland) Built and maintained by Performance Garage. Car Dyno'ed at 322hp with 39kgs torque at 1.2bars (17psi). Should be around 360-370hp (est.) at 1.6bars Boost. Pretty nice for a small, 20 year-old, 1.8 liter engine ;) LONG LIVE CA18DET!

Drift Practise - 200SX S13 CA18DET
28.08.2011 Drift Practise @ Istanbul/Turkey 1993 Nissan 200SX RS13 CA18DET GT2860 @ 0.8Bar