Sixdogs1 puts shoes on the Mag!!! 4 12" Optidrive Subwoofers in 2006 Dodge Magnum SXT

Finally decided to hook up some shoes for the Mag and give a quick tour of the system so far. Enjoy!!! Check it out in HQ when its finished uploading.. LIVE FREE, SLAP HARD!!!

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Sixdogs1 - 4 12" Optidrive Subwoofers First Demo Session!!!
First demo session in the Mag! I think you guys will enjoy this one. Got a show Saturday at Stereo One in Cape Girardeau, MO. Starts at 5:00pm for anyone who wants to come out to the "After-Dark Sound-Off". Gotta show love to everybody that's been watchin'. I can't stress how much I appreciate you guys showing interest in what we are doin'. Shoutouts Next Vid. I ain't forgot about ya 22sheffi LOL (Check it out in HQ when its finished processing)

Loudest Dodge Magnum In Southwest GA On 24s 2012 - Albany GA [MrTOFinc] HD

Sixdogs1 4 12" Optidrive Subwoofers in Dodge Magnum
Request vid for Capcitytrapstar804. Haven't done a request vid in forever!!!

FEMALE'S Chameleon Dodge Magnum on 32" Amani Forged Wheels, COMPLETE CUSTOM - HD
VIMEO: Here's a Female owned Dodge Magnum sitting up on 32" Amani Forged Vaydor wheels! Completely custom built Magnum here. Custom Chameleon paint job, with ghost alligator printed stripe on the side. Lifted to fit 32" wheels. Custom interior, with fiberglass door panels and filled with speakers! Check it out on VIMEO to hear it with sounds! Magnum was built in Virginia. At Ultimate Audio & Thomas Davis's Car & Bike Show 2016 in Charlotte, NC.