Rolling in my 65 VW Bug

Here is my 65 original bug with 70,000 original miles. It's lowered with a narrowed beam and drop spring plates.

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VW Beetle Cruising - 1963 - SLAMMED
FOR SALE! Coming back from June Jitterbug 2011 - Niagara Falls. 2.5hr rip on the hwy, no problems! Longest trip I have taken her to date!

1959 VW Turbo Beetle test drive -- 300+ HP
First test drive of the completed 59 Beetle. 2165cc 4-cyl horizontally opposed CB Performance ECU turbo Charged Water-air Intercooler 325hp @ 12psi (set at 7.5psi here)

#95 Hawaii Motorhead Magazine Hilo VW Bug-In 2013 Wheel Stands
Big Island Auto Club VW Drag Racing April 2013 Delbert Crivello's Crazy Wheel Stands

Test drive 1965 VW beetle bug gopro
I put the spare tire on to see if all the wobbling was gone due to a dry rotted tire that was on and about to pop. Rode nice so while I am happy the problem is solved the next thing is to shell out the doe for 4 new tires that you can not just go to sears and buy lol...... You have to order them from a few on line sources at $80.00 a pop so while its not a ton of money I was really hoping the small tires would only be around $40.00... oh well it is worth it