TPG Tuning Run 4

Tripod mode, trying to make it to the finals. I somehow out 60 footed the Integra just having fun and destroying the tires. Almost walked him down once I found traction in 4th

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TPG Tuning 2014 Buschur Shootout WATCH IN 4K
Some EVOS and DSMs running low 9's thanks to the TPG Crew.

2011 dsm shootout part1
Here are my videos from the 2011 DSM/EVO Shootout. Videos of TPG Tuning that hit the wall. 4g63 Ariel Atom

track passes 2010.wmv
First time to the track this year, e85, low Boost and timing, granny shifting evoIII 16g. Getting it dialed in for the shootout, car has easy 10s all over it...

TPG Tuning "Shitbox" Evo @ 2016 DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout
2016 Shootout: First time out with the Haltech ecu and PTE 7675 I ran in the Quick 32 class, qualified 8th out of 32 cars. I finished 4th. 9.42@169 first pass on the new setup 8.99@167 (first 8 sec pass) 8.89@171 8.89@162 9.32@101 I want to thank everyone that has helped me out this year: Tpg Tuning P&R Engine Rebuilders Angry Aero BP Autosports Buschur Automotive Spark Tech Ignitions Fuel Injector Clinic Precision turbo Haltech Voodoo Race Engineering