2011 GT/CS 5.0 vs LS2 GTO

GTO- LS2, 6 speed, intake, longtube headers, cutouts, tune Mustang- 6 speed manual, intake, BOSS intake manifold, X pipe, axleback, tune, stock 3.73s both cars had a passenger.

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'13 5.0 Mustang vs Cam/Exhaust LS2 GTO
5.0 and GTO duke it out, mods in video.

2006 6.0 GTO vs 2011 5.0 mustang GT
Bunch of runs between two friends. Stock 5.0 Mustang GT vs intake only 6.0 GTO.

My 5.0 vs GTO, 40-140 roll
Gto, bolt on, heads, cam 5.0 Mustang, xpipe, CAI, tune

2006 6.0 GTO VS. 2011 5.0 Mustang
2006 LS2 Pontica GTO VS. 2011 5.0 Ford Mustang, both bone stock, 6-Speed Manual... Side Note: We recently came up on some Go-Pros, thinking about making this a regular thing, obviously with more variance in cars.... yes or no?