Opel Manta vs. Ford Capri - TV 4:3 Version

Opel Manta vs. Ford Capri, please click on 720p

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Opel Manta 400
Register for FREE on http://www.loonygarage.com Playground For Car Enthusiasts Become a Fan - http://www.facebook.com/loonygarage A mint Opel Manta 400. One of 245 made. 2.4L with aluminium cylinder head, four velves per cylinder and 2 overhead cams. 144 Bhp 960 KG

Opel Manta B 16V
+/- 200 Pk

The Last Opel Manta GM Plant 1 in Antwerp

Opel Manta B GTE , historische TV Werbung von Opel
Opel Manta B, GTE sexy Manta Werbung von Opel aus den Archiven. Historische TV Werbung.