aFe project Duramax LMM - Lift, Suspension and Tires installed

Check out the face lift on aFe's project Duramax LMM. Mike Duval walks you through the complete install of a leveling kit, Fabtech dirt logic 2.0 shocks and a new set of wheels and tires. This adds the aggressive look to go along with all the new found power that the aFe products have added to this truck. For more info check out or call the horsepower helpline at 888.901.7693

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2011 Chevy Dmax 7" lift & 37"s + Rigid LED lights
Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel! FOLLOW US on FACEBOOK FOLLOW US on INSTAGRAM @norcaltruck Built by 2011 3500HD Single wheel Crew Long Bed Duramax ** Suspension ** - Cognito Motorsports 7" (NTBD) Non Torsion Bar Drop style - Cognito Motorsports UCA - Cognito Motorsports Steering braces - Cognito front sway bar - Cognito Motorsports 5" Fabricated rear block - CV style front drive line - SS Brake lines - Fox Performance Series shocks ** Wheels & Tires ** - Toyo MT 37x13.50x22 - American Force 22x10 BLACK wheels ** Performance ** - AFE 409 SS 5" turbo Back w/muffler & Blk 6" tip - H&S Mini Max w/Hot code - Auto Meter pillar w/ speaker - Auto Meter Ultra Lite Boost - Auto Meter Ultra Lite Pyro ** Lighting ** Rigid LED lights in bumper - 2011+ Chevy Rigid center bumper mounts - Rigid 20" LED bar - 2011+ Chevy fog light Rigid Dually mounts - Rigid Dually Flood series (pr) - Rigid Dually Spot series (pr) Rigid LED lights & roof rack - Defender Roof rack - Defender to Rigid 50" LED mounts - Rigid 50" LED bar - Rigid Dually 60deg defused series (pr) ** Other ** - Bushwacker Fender flares - Halo head lights - Amp Research Elec Steps - Amp Research Bed Step has Rigid Industries LED lighting offered at great prices PLUS we offer many mounting solutions for popular truck models. Use these links to view what is available at NorCalTruck. Rigid Industries product line:­id,591/p,cata log/parent,108/pg,1/ 2011-2013 Chevy & GMC:­id,591/p,cata log/parent,189/pg,1/ 2007.5-2010 Chevy & GMC:­id,591/p,cata log/parent,191/pg,1/ Other OE Applications:­id,591/p,cata log/parent,80/pg,1/ offers a wide range of product to cover suspension replacement parts and or upgrades, if you have questions on the product we offer please feel free to click here to our CONTACT PAGE to email us directly: Thank you for watching.

How to Install Zone 6.5 " Off-Road Suspension Lift Kit
The Zone Off-Road Suspension Lift Kit Are high quality and affordable with over 6 inches of lift. Lifts both the front and back. Stay Informed and Sign Up: Subscribe to our Channel: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Google+: FREE SHIPPING Give us a call at 866-262-3738 Video Transcription: John: Hey, guys. Does your truck seem like it's missing something? Well, we've got what it's missing. We're gonna show you how to get in the zone and get your truck lifted with Zone Lift Kit. Hi. I'm John with, and today I'm gonna show you how to install the six and a-half inch Zone Lift Kit onto this 2014 Chevy Silverado. As you can see here, our Zone six and a half inch front and rear lift kit comes with everything you need to get your truck up into that lifted zone. So what you wanna do when you get your kit, lay out everything, and then inside your instruction sheet there's a parts list. I'd recommend that you go through. Check off all the parts on the parts list. Make sure you have everything before you start on the project, because everybody knows it's a really bad thing to get halfway done with a lift kit and be missing something important. So very important to do that, make sure everything's here. And the next step is to get this truck up in the air and start putting on this kit. So let's get the wheels off so we can get to the real heart of the lift kit. The next thing we're gonna do after we get the wheels off is we're gonna disconnect our brake line bracket from the differential right here. We got that loose. Let's unclip our ABS line from our frame rail and do our emergency brake bracket on the driver side. And we're also gonna remove this one up here. Let's take our shocks off. And hang on to the bolts, cause we'll need those to put the new shocks on. There's also one more at the top we have to take loose. Unfortunately that one doesn't have a nut on the backside. It's built right into the bracket. So we don't have to worry about hanging onto that. Once our shocks are off, then we're gonna pull our U-bolts off. Now, when you get to this point, it's very important that, if you're doing this up in the air, you have some kind of a jack like we have up underneath the differential here. I'm gonna take these off, because the only thing that we're gonna be reusing here is this bottom plate that goes up under here. The U-bolts and the nuts, you can do whatever you want with them. Throw them away. Throw them in a box. Keep them, whatever you wanna do.

Compound Turbo 08 LMM Chevy roasting 40" tires
08 Chevy LMM, ATS aurora 7500 (S475) over stock VGT turbo, ATS twin CP3 pump kit, Plugged Rail, Two 200GPH lift pumps, EFI live tuned, ATS manifolds and up pipes, 10-12" Cognito kit, Full Pull solid center link, 2" Billet heim tie rods, Custom one off rear air bag set up, Custom traction bars, 40" Interco M16's on 22x14" Fuel hostages...

Jesse's new duramax!!
Jesse comes home in his new duramax!!