Lambo vs Honda CRX

2001 Lambirghini vs Honda CRX

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Sexy Kayla plays the $100 bill game in a Lambo!
We've all heard BS stories of "my uncles car was so fast, he put a $100 bill and let me try to get it, it was so fast I couldn't" blah blah blah... well we put this to the test in one of the FASTEST cars in the world... the rest you have to see for yourself. Kaylas Twitter & Instagram: @whosekayla

Disclaimer: This is not my car the car belongs to my good friend's father. It is a 88 Crx SI. B20/Vtec 85x89 The car used to have an Lsvtec setup which the Dyno video is posted in my video. best time is 12.6@ 109 mph ********attention new times 12.2 @ 111*****