A Great COPO Day - Corvair Yenko Stinger YS 099

Sold my V8 1966 Corvair Yenko Stinger YS 099 to Ed on 11/03/2001. Factory? NO- Chevrolet never made a Corvair With a V8.

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380 horsepower Corvair engine
A short look at the 2 HP per cubic inch normally aspirated Corvair

Bare Bones... Some Are Mild, Some Are WILD!!!
Line 'em up!!!

1967 COPO Dana Yenko Corvair
Knoxville Tennessee Father's Day Weekend 2012

2006 Yenko 40th Reunion TV video
Local production for TV show during the 40th Yenko Reunion in Twinsburg OH. Footage also at Nelson Ledges Race Course.