91 laser fwd turbo

6bolt, built head 272 comp cams, 20g td06 38mm external wastegate, fmic, tial bov,3in aluminum full Exhaust, 2g maf no tune yet

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Dsm Plymouth laser FWD 145mph pull
Basic bolt ons dsm link. Bolt-on PTE 3071r. 1450cc injectors. Stock long block, stock cams.

Built 420A vs GSX
First: Sorry for the crappy quality and audio.(ignore the goofy driver :)). This was one if the first times we got to take our shop car out for the 2011 season, it was untuned and we were just excited to be there. Running a 20G on 9 psi Vs a GSX with unknown mods.

Jourdan's 1g dsm fwd
92 laser fwd converted to turbo 6262 Link v3 E85 SD Fic 2150's 272's Untuned until this spring. 3 year build Bla bla bla

1992 Plymouth Laser AWD Turbo
The video is for my brother... Here is your babe... ENJOY!!!