94 Mark Viii with 3:73s

Just swapped in my carrier with 3:73 gears and a limited slip differential. This is a swap from 3:08s and open differential. The car has an Sct chip tuned for 3:73s and a j-mod. Also, stock LSC dual Exhaust.

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Lincoln Mark VIII exhaust
Borla XS Pros... Sct chip/true duals

My slow Mark VIII LSC
Engine doesn't seem to be accelerating like it should. run down of the vehicle 155k miles new fuel pump, filter, spark plugs, wires, air intake, cleaned maf, gutted cats. J-mod, The car has been this slow since I bought it

1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC WOT after Dyno Tune
Here is my all motor 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII after the long awaited Dyno tune. You are looking at the 2nd fastest all motor 2nd generation Mark VIII with 151K miles. A/F ratios are still a bit rich at about 12.5 There is still more left on the plate. I'm shooting for a low-low 13 in the 1/4 mile.

1997 Lincoln Mark VIII with 4.10s - 100 mph Run
Rolling into a 100mph run in a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC 4.10s JMOD SCT tuner and more..