Dodge Viper GTS Race Car, Panoz Esperante GTS and more on track: NASA March 2010 (3)

I film several amazing cars on the track at Road Atlanta during the March 2010 NASA Racing Weekend. The cars include: Dodge Viper GTS Race Car Supercharged Dodge Viper SRT-10 Roadster Panoz Esperante GTS Nissan GT-R 2x Ferrari 360 Challenges You don't want to miss my next track day video! ;)

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Corvette ZR-1, Ferrari 360 Challenges, 3x Nissan GT-R flybys: NASA March 2010 (4)
During the March 2010 NASA Racing Weekend at Road Atlanta, I filmed these incredible machines flying by on the backstraight. Whether it was the supercharged whine and angry roar of the ZR1, or the quiet power of the GT-Rs, these exotics sounded incredible!

Ferrari 360 Challenges, Panoz Esperante GTS on track: NASA March 2010 (6)
Some more clips of the 360 Challenges on Road Atlanta during the March 2010 NASA Racing Weekend. The downshifts sounded great!

Supercars on road! Dream Ride for Kids 2015
I caught this large variety of supercars and exotics passing by on their way to Atlanta Motorsports Park, heading from Ferrari of Atlanta, during the 2015 Dream Ride for kids, which is an event that allows sick or ill children to ride in a special car for a day. I wasn't able to attend the event, but was fortunate enough to catch them going past my job! Enjoy! Facebook:

Panoz Esperante GT
Kevin films this sexy Esperante GT.