1987 RX7 GXL with Racing Beat TurboII catback

The original catback from my other videos rusted through, so I patched it with one of those patch kits from the local autozone. A few weeks later, it backfired like a 12-gauge shotgun, blowing the old

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87 Mazda Rx7 Special Edition- Parking Lot Fun
22 years old and 100% stock! This car is dedicated to my father, R.I.P. 1945-2009

1987 RX-7 GXL carbed startup
FC3S starting up. Racing Beat intake, Mikuni carburetor and MSD ignition.

mazda Rx7 gxl
this is my 86 gxl its pretty stock here just lower a little and has a magnaflow Exhaust very quiet

88 rx7 gxl homemade rev limiter
Just got done with another rev limiter, but this one has 3 boards instead of just 1. Mainly because of the 2 trailing coils, and the main leading coil. Lots of fire and noise. Ill get a better video later on of it under load.