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Ultimate Parking Skill Compilation
Compilation of epic win, fail, funny parking situations. If u like it, please subscribe, comment, like or share. epic fail,epic win, funny parking skilled drivers, non-skilled drivers, accidents, crashes

[Eng Sub] Taeyeon showing her car parking skill
Short clip from SNSD's appearance on Weekly Idol where Taeyeon demonstrates her best skill - parking the car. Translations are from posts I found on the internet describing the scene and from a few helpful fans. I don't speak Korean, but I tried my best. Enjoy. Taeyeon rides mini-bike - SNSD Sexy Dance Battle -

The best parking job in the world?
A man from the city of Jinjiang in Fujian Province has become quite a sensation on Chinese social media, after pictures of his car parked in a narrow space between two walls went viral recently. The pictures were posted by a passerby, who said that this was the best parking job that he’d ever seen. Amidst all the admiration and questions as to how he had managed to squeeze the SUV into such a small space, the man, named Mr. Chen, decided that he’d give the folks online a demonstration. Here’s the video of Mr. Chen, the master of parallel parking! Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Weibo:

Learn how to parallel park. The easiest video lesson (by Parking Tutorial)
More details about parallel parking (starting position etc): Easy to understand tutorial. All-in-one parking methods. Download here: Learn how to parallel park close to the curb from parallel parking experts. This short video shows a simple procedure for parallel parking between two cars that involves using reference points. According to these points the driver can turn the steering wheel at the right moment and parallel park the car. Please note that this method of parallel parking is only suitable for short parking spaces.