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http://www.etrailer.com/tv-Review-Tailgate-Lock-LH-003.aspx Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information. Today we are going to review part number LH-003, the tailgate lock from Bully. This particular lock is specific for GMC Sierras and Chevy Silverados, for model years 1999 to 2007. Our replacement tailgate locking system consists of three pieces. We have our black plastic replacement bezel, the inner locking mechanism and then two keys. This system works great in combination with your trucks camper shell or tonneau cover to provide maximum security for your trucks bed. 0:30 Let us go ahead and take a look to see how easy it is to install one of these on our truck. The first thing that we need to do is go ahead and remove the original bezel that is on the vehicle. To do that, we need to release four clips. There are two here at the top and two here at the bottom. We are going to start by releasing the top clips and to do that we just want to take a flat head screwdriver and go ahead and pry in there until you hear them release. And then for the bottom clips, they are actually facing down. So we need to actually lift up on the bezel to get those to release. Next, we want to go ahead and open the tailgate. We need to remove the bottom retaining bolt. And then we can go ahead and close the tailgate again and we are going to go ahead and start installing our locking mechanism. 1:25 What we are going to do is feed it into the opening here. And what we are going to attempt to do is align this hole in the top of the mechanism with the hole from the screw that we had just removed. So what we want to do is go ahead and the key into the locking mechanism and go ahead and rotate it down. Go ahead and align the two holes. And then, with the provided screw and washer, go ahead and it from the inside of the tailgate and thread it into the locking mechanism. And with the locking mechanism installed, you can see that now in the open position the inner workings of the tailgate are allowed to work freely. 2:04 When we rotate it into the lock position, the arm of the locking mechanism comes up into position and prevents the handle from opening. And install our new bezel And again we want to make sure that we place the clips in properly. We want to go ahead and put the bottom clips in first into the holes. We will rotate it up and go ahead and set the other ones into position. You can see we have perfect alignment with the locking mechanism below. And that is all there is to it. In just a couple of minutes we have our new locking handle into position and it has a great OEM look to it. And that will conclude the review and installation of part number LH-003 from Bully.

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http://www.etrailer.com/tglock-2001_Chevrolet_Silverado.htm Today on our 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab, we're going to be installing the Pilot Integrated OEM tailgate lock for 99-2007 GM full size pick up trucks. Part Number LH-003, before we begin our installation, let's go over the parts that will come with the kit. You'll get a new bezel, it has the hole in it for where the lock will come through. You'll get 2 keys for the lock, here's the locking mechanism. For securing the locking mechanism you have 2 options, you can use the standard Phillip's head screw or the security style screw. Once you tighten it down, you can't back the screw back out. Now that we've gone over our parts, let's go ahead and show you how to install it. Note: Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

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http://www.etrailer.com/Locks/Pop-and-Lock/PAL9900.html Today we'll be taking a look at the Pop and Lock Gate Saver truck tailgate lock, part number PAL9900. As you can see, with the Pop and Lock tailgate lock installed, it's going to give you some piece of mind, ensuring that your tailgate doesn't get stolen. The Gate Saver Universal Tailgate lock is going to fit a wide variety of trucks with removable tailgates. It includes two keys, and it's a tool-free installation. Without the lock installed, you can see how easy it is to remove our tailgate. The Pop and Lock tailgate lock is the perfect solution for adding additional security to your tailgate. Note: Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

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http://www.etrailer.com/Locks/Pop-and-Lock/PAL1300.html Today on our 2011 Chevrolet Silverado, we're going to be installing the Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock part number PAL1300. Before we begin, we'll actually show you the components of this item. We have the lock mechanism itself and a set of keys. We have a 6 mm hex bolt and flat washer, 6/30 seconds screw and a horseshoe shaped mounting insert. And with that, we'll go ahead and begin installing it on the vehicle. We'll begin by opening the tailgate. Note: Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

2007-2013 Silverado Sierra new tail gate lock kit Genuine OEM New - AutoPartsCheaper.com
More info at https://www.autopartscheaper.com/products/silverado-sierra-new-tail-gate-lo ck-kit Brand new genuine GM Tail gate lock kit for 2007-2013 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra. Protect your tailgate and your cargo with this hardened steel tailgate lock. Includes anti-theft fasteners. Mounts in the recess underneath the handle and has a raised lock for convenience. Simple, secure and easy to use. Kit includes the handle, trim bezel, cylinder, and instructions. This will work with the key that you currently use for your door and ignition. Since this is made by GM you know it will fit right and look good for years! * **note the lock is a self coding lock, there are instructions on how to do this and it is very simple. Please read the instructions thoroughly before you insert your key into the lock for the first time, failure to do so could ruin the lock cylinder*** IMPORTANT!!!! This will not work if you already have RPO code "A60-power locking tailgate" or "UVC-back up camera-rear view". If your not sure if you have either of these options look at the "Options sticker" located inside your glove box. If you see these options there do not order this item it will NOT work.