Bmw 330Cd 40-240km/h

So viel zum Thema - lahme Diesel-kröte ;-)

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BMW 330cd vs Golf V GTI
Golf V GTI stage 1 chipped vs BMW 330cd aut stage 1 chipped. Driver Golf V GTI: Sieger Venema, Driver BMW 330cd: Mark Kooistra, Cameraman: Marco Braaksma (from Golf V)

BMW E46 330cd 0-230 km/h

BMW 330cd @ 272kph (170mph)
This is a 330cd diesel coupe tuned to circa 300bhp that goes real fast. A real M3 oilburner challenger! :=) Notice that the speed indicated in the digital display below the tacho is real - the same as read in a GPS device.

bmw 330cd
bmw 330cd