454 Big block hq

My mates tunnel rammed 454 getting a road tune. Got 350 HP at the wheels. See you at the Taupo Powercruise Rodge..... maybe

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HQ holden 454 8/71 blown chev
8 71 blown 454

1973 Holden HQ GTS/4 350 Rebuilt - (Customised Replica)
Purchase a white HQ sedan with a 350 chev, T350 and 3.55 diff of a young fella, who did not appreciate the car for what it was. So my brother and I rebuilt the HQ from the ground up and during the complete rebuild there was some strange factory 'oddities', if you may call it. From the 350 Chev block casted 6 months prior to the build of the HQ in Australia (Melbourne), with what it appears to be a munice hump welded in from factory, Underbody shows no wear of smaller gearbox fitted in its life time, Tyre Placcard states GTS rims and many other original features. Before the rebuild tried desperately to get some knowledge on this very build and the so call experts ignored it or laughed it off. I have my suspicions to be what she originally once was, but if you watched this and can shed some light on the HQ, please do. Also I know what all the tags mean, I can read them like a book. In this matter its irrelevent, as I believe the tags were to suit the new owner who did not want to pay the insurance it attracted at the time. Music by: "1998", musical composition administered by: One or more music publishing rights collecting societies

Blown Methanol Big Block HQ GTS Monaro
Mitch's Blown Methanol Big Block HQ GTS Monaro