3rd Fastest Lancer In Australia

3rd Fastest Lancer In Australia but in don't know what year it was...

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Mitsubishi EVO Amazing Drifting Skills

Lancer GSR (not EVO)
random video of me in my Lancer GSR, filmed by my mate's' Lancer EVO 3.

Ultimate Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Sounds Compilation
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Mitsubishi gsr/evo3 VS supercharged 400ci torana - powercruise 2010
This was at sydney powercruise 2010 me in my 4g63 gsr against a supercharged 400ci torana, in the street drags. I launch with all 4 wheels spinning and it started to step out a bit so i gave it some opposite lock and nothing just kept going sideways then started drifting towards the center line so i had to back off the gas about 2cm then straight back on it, hit limiter and then hard into 2nd gear which let out a fireball cleaning out my Exhaust lol (black puff) then close to top end the torana looks like its about do a fly by on me when i hook up 3rd gear and pull away again... :P