335i vs 370z

Tuned 335i vs Stockish 370z, more videos to come!

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Bmw 335i Coupe 6spd vs Nissan 370z
335i is on a base map flash.. Other wise stock A friend just purchased this 335i Coupe 6spd Manual looks stock for the most part beside a better oil cooler he added... We think the car might be tuned because it is running nice. I've ran plenty of stock 335's and pull way more... Not my best shifting i was wearing crocs lol and weather was not helping either 95 degrees and oil temps in the Z got as high as 240 degrees need an oil cooler asap... Minor bolt ons and tune on the Z..... Enjoy!!!! Like and Subscribe i would highly appreciate it!

335i 2009 e92 vs 370z nismo
335i 2009 e92 dual cone bms intake vs nismo 370z unknown mods. launch and 40 mph roll

Twin Turbo 370z vs Cocky GT-R
370z --- 670whp Fast Intentions TT Stage 2, 14psi, CJM Fuel System E85 GTR --- 700whp Upgraded turbos, E85, Jacks Transmission, Tune

370z vs 135i
2009 Nissan 370z (nismo dual Exhaust, test pipes, 4.08 final drive) 2010 BMW 135i (stock)