2009 Honda Jazz 1.5 S Start-Up

Went on a holiday recently to KL, Singapore and Genting. While in KL, I visited some relatives and my aunt just got this awesome 2nd-gen Honda Jazz. It's looks cool! It's the base Malaysian spec Honda Jazz which is called Grade S.

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2015 Honda Jazz 1.5 V Start-Up, Full Vehicle Tour and Quick Drive
*NOTE* The new Jazz features Honda's L15Z engine, not L15A as stated in the video. Hello everyone! Today's video will be about the 2015 Honda Jazz in the 1.5V variant. Enjoy! P.S. This video also serves as the 20,000 subscribers special as my channel recently passed the 20k mark. Thank you everyone for their support and I wish to bring you all more content in the future!

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New Honda Jazz 2008 0-185 km

2008 Honda Jazz Review (Start Up, In Depth Tour, Engine)
Enjoy. :)