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Self Made Rolls Royce Phantom base on Mercedes
This is how this guy from outskirts of Karaganda , Kazakhstan has solved his urge for a Rolls Royce car - he made a replica from old Mercedes . wide movie 1000×593 http://photoshocks.web.fc2.com/rolls_royce.html

Казахстанец направил престижен Ролс Ројс од стар Мерцедес

Kazakhstan Mechanic Turns Old Mercedes Into Rolls-Royce Phantom
Dreaming of Rolls-Royce doesn't always mean one has to buy a one. Meet this young man from Karaganda region of Kazakhstan, who fulfilled his dream of Rolls-Royce Phantom "making a one by himself". Don't worry, he doesn't work at the Rolls-Royce's manufacturing facility, instead, he took the Mercedes-Benz -- and turned it into his car of dreams. Ruslan Mukanov -- that's the name of the young craftsman's name, and the car he had deployed car underneath is apparently an old 190E Mercedes. Approximately, it cost the young designer $3000. Whereas, in the place of Spirit of Ecstasy, Ruslan had planted a Soviet-era eagle sculpture, and the chrome wheels looks to be a bit disappointing to this whole feast. But that's all; the Kazakhstan made Rolls-Royce Phantom is so original and authentic that it made this guy a hero in his locality. People rent his Rolls for the wedding ceremony, and he too got a chance to appear on some billboard commercials for vodka... Hats off to Ruslan Mukanov! One can punch down their thoughts in the box below if they too wish to have a one like this...