how to tie your shoe with no hands

the fastest man in the world to tie his shoe. plz rate comment and subscribe.

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How to Win at Heads or Tails Every Time
Nutella Bread Recipe: Are you an aspiring illusionist or just interested in magic? Modern Coin Magic - Over 170 Sleights and Tricks on a 4 DVD: Modern Coin Magic: 116 Coin Sleights and 236 Coin Tricks: 2-headed Quarter Magic Trick: Watch more Betting Tips for Gamblers videos: Go ahead and take that bet. We're going to show you how to win at heads or tails every time. Step 1: Cop a feel Flip the coin into the air. As you catch it, slide your thumb under your fingers and use it to feel the surface of the coin. If it’s smooth, you know it’s heads; the tails side feels textured and rough. Tip If you were forced to call a side beforehand and the coin has landed the other way, nudge it over with your thumb. Step 2: Practice Practice flipping and feeling the coin with your thumb until you can do it quickly and stealthily—you don’t want your opponent to know you’re cheating! Step 3: Try another trick Try another trick. Holding the coin near the end of your index and middle fingers, flick your wrist up and lift your index finger, spinning the coin like a Frisbee. If you do this correctly, the coin will never flip over. Step 4: Exploit your opponent’s stupidity If your opponent is tipsy (or simply not too bright), say quickly, 'Heads I win, tails you lose.' Chances are he won’t catch on. Tip For pretty good odds, suggest to your opponent that you spin the coin on its edge instead of tossing it—and take tails. A spinning coin lands on tails about 80% of the time. Step 5: Buy a trick coin If you can’t master either of these techniques, buy a trick coin with either heads or tails on both sides. Did You Know? A coin lands the same way it started about 51% of the time.