Pfadt Racing C6Z Testing at Reno Fernley

Under car footage of our C6Z testing at Reno Fernley. Featuring Pfatty Competition Sway Bars and Pfadt Coilovers. Note the brake rotor!

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Pfadt 450 HP Cadillac ATS Total Vehicle Upgrades - P45 Sound Clips
Pfadt is the leader in Cadillac ATS performance upgrades. The P45 package gives you 450 crank horsepower in the turbocharged 4-cylinder ATS. You can purchase this package on our website at

Pfadt Corvette C7 Road Trip: First Impressions
When we found out delivery was going to take up to two weeks of our new 2014 Corvette Stingray, we decided we couldn't wait, so owners Aaron and Robbin hopped a flight to Ohio and drove our new C7 Corvette back to Utah in 2 days. In this video series we will show our first impressions on this beautiful new Corvette. Look, we will be the first to admit it, our headers suck - and that's why people love them. Unlike our competition, our headers don't just let the Exhaust flow out of the engine at a leisurely pace, our headers are designed to forcefully suck the Exhaust out of the engine creating monstrous power gains and an epic sound. Check them out on our website where you can see, hear and feel the difference! s/

Pfadt Race Engineering

Pfadt Racing Engineer discusses 2014 Corvette C7 in detail
Zack Porter is one of our mechanical engineers here at Pfadt Race Engineering and we pulled him away from his work for a few minutes to give us a mechanical rundown on the changes the latest Corvette has in store. If you have any questions please post them in the comments and we will try and answer them next week. Currently we are working on a header package for the 2014 Corvette which will offer a big power gain, throaty sound, and a consistent power band. On top of that we will also have a cold air intake and many other goodies including our P58 package as seen on our website. Pfadt Race Engineering is a US company which offers the highest quality products manufactured in our Salt Lake City factory for Corvette C7, C6, & C5 as well as 5th Gen. Camaros and the Cadillac ATS.