Jeep deep in mud

Driving through muddy water

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Jeep CJ-7 in 4 Feet of Mud - Hydrolocks the Engine!
This guy headed right for the deep one without checking it's depth first. When his engine sucked in some water, he was dead in the water, pulled out by a Rubicon. Pulled the plugs, pumped water out of the cylinder, replaced the plugs and fired it up.

jeep mudding
bad ass jeep in the mud

opening beer bottle without opener
Using paper as bottle opener

Penn's Woods Jeep Jamboree 2008 - Mindy's Mud
This is a deep mud hole at the end of the orange trail. It was deep enough that most of our fans slapped the water. The mud was over the openings of my doors in the red Cherokee. The green 4 door busted his plastic running board off his new Jeep. Check out our other videos and visit our website