Insane Viper Vs Corvette Drag Race Crash

This guy is screwed unknown

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Supra Turbo Chases a Porsche 911 GT2 Durring the Gumball 3000
Although the kids in the Supra are a bit annoying its still a good high speed street chase unknown

Monza Rally Show 2005
Feat Valentino Rossi vs Colin McRae Unknown

Drag Race Crash - Another Angle
Another Angle of Two turbo cars going head to head at the strip The Ford on the left and a Datsun on the right . The FORD on the left loses control just before the 1/8th mile or 60ft mark and wipes out almost taking the DATSUN with it . These turbo cars have extreme power !

C7 corvette nearly wrecks while drag racing against an M3. Burnout FAIL (Epic Rap Battle Comments)
For those who can handle big V8 power and exercise restraint and caution, check out the 1698# LS3 / 525hp powered Exomotive 'XP5' Exocet here: This clear moron was not part of the show; he was a 'driveby' spectator. I'm all for engine revs and 'brisk' but controlled accelerations, but if you can't handle your vehicle, don't get behind the wheel. After seeing this as a comment on Jalopnik, it had to be added... "Next on EPIC RAP BATTLES OF CAR HISTORY! Gelled hair!…vs…NO HAIR! BMW: Comin straight from Bavaria, step to me, I wouldn't dare ya, my precision machine is clean and mean, a couple shades away from green. You knuckle-draggin rednecks baggin' welfare checks, your 300-lb wife won't give you no respect. A midlife crisis full of vices and rolling dices, you think that spending 80 grand makes a drag race decisive. Corvette: I see you're bringing the stereotypes like a box of Alpines that fell off a truck, what the fuck, you're maybe 8 or 9. You got no perspective on this directive that comes from Bowling Green, a US V8 drives it straight, but slices corners clean. You want to step to me, little G, your mom and daddy's car? You're only here cuz I met you mom in a Ramada bar. BMW: So you're think you're Darth Vader, huh? I'll race you one-handed. Car of the Year, EVERY YEAR, it's what people demanded. More plastic that a Saturn, but you're more like Uranus, you're sense of fashion comes from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Robin Leach sucks your blood straight out like a parasite, now you better put you right foot down, bitch I am outta sight! Corvette: You wanna make me a believer, you knockoff Justin Bieber? Call me when you get pubes, you bourgeois little rube, I'm making short work out of you AND your Nazi car, hope your contacts fit or you will not see far. My taillights in your face, tire smokin' this place, just watch my launch control make short work of this case. WHO WON???!! WHO'S NEXT??!" Well done sir!