162 mph in 3G Eclipse

I once heard someone say that FWD cars couldn't go faster than 130 mph. I've also heard people say that speedometers are innaccurate above 100 mph. So I took my car to the Autobahn to disprove th

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3G Eclipse Turbo 20-130 mph Pull @ 15 psi
http://www.robfaust.com/3gst Merging onto the Autobahn in my 2003 Eclipse turbo with a completely stock 4G64 long block. The on-ramp is admittedly long and starts out downhill, but the second half of it is uphill. I had to make a new video to show everyone what the car pulls like at 15ish psi.

95 3000gt vs 03 eclipse gt
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

10 Reasons Why you Should or Shouldn't Get a Mitsubishi Eclipse
these are my reasons i love these cars but they are a great car to start and maybe a new car is just around the corner...

3G Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Pull 0 - 60 (Stock)
My 04 Eclipse GT w/Sportronic Transmission. Stock car =)