Toyota Tacoma 1/4 Mile Drag Race

I'm the silver truck, my ET was 17.653 was my first time on a strip

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2009 toyota tacoma quarter mile 15.7
2009 toyota tacoma race an acura integra

Toyota Tacoma 4.0 Quarter Mile
08 Toyota Tacoma DCSB TRD Sport. 4.0 1GRFE. The truck is completely stock. Drag race at Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR). Ran a best of 15.754 @ 86.28 mph. 85 degree weather at sea level.

Toyota Tacoma 3.4L Turbo, 11.11 1/4 mile @ 122 mph, Pont-Rouge 2014

Supercharged 450hp Tacoma XRunner vs LS2 GTO
Another escapade down in Mexico. This time A supercharged Toyota Tacoma takes on a LS2 Pontiac GTO. Tacoma- Supercharged, unknown GTO- Muffler Deletes, Intake Audio - Tracks utilized, in order, include: "Dub Step Remix" (Scott Cupp) "Headspin Short" (Imovie) Scott Cupp is a film and TV composer in the late 80's and early 90's he was a well known studio keyboardist and has worked with a lot of major groups like, Whitesnake, Ozzy, and Guns N Roses along with others. If you are interested in purchasing tracks, Scott can be reached at He makes quality tracks at affordable rates!