Volvo Diesel D24T drag race at GIR midnight madness

Racing a worthless Neon, but there was so much torque off the line I was burning the tires off! I had a 3.3 second 60' time! I was running him down on the top end up I had to let up to get it to stop spinning at first. Time was a crappy 18.9@80mph

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Volvo Diesel D24T drag racing at GIR midnight madness
Second pass, racing an obviously much faster Mustang. This time I tried building some Boost but the lights dropped before I was ready, and only managed about 3lbs off the line. Its a big turd off the line but at least it wasn't spinning its ass off. Time was improved, 17.2@83mph. Still slow though. It really needs the manual trans!

Volvo diesel D24t with hood stack at night
Not the greatest quality, but it does shoot a small flame from the hood stack! Right at the beginnign of the video if you slow motion it you can see the orange flame shoot up. Its really much brighter in person.

Volvo 760 D24TIC PETI

Volvo B230 with Keihin 42 mm
Vacuum slide operation filmed with a GoPro Hero. The carbs are Keihin CVK 42 mm and fitted to a Volvo B230 engine. The vacuum holes in the slides are drilled to 2,5 mm (Dyno jet modification), this was made before they were fitted to this 2,3 litre engine. Throttle response at low revs would probably be better with smaller holes. That will be tested soon!