Mercedes 560SL 600SL Samson Dyno Run

Samson 1986 MB 560SL with M120 V12 Engine. 347RWHP 338 ft-Lb

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Mercedes 600SL wiring burns up
Another Mercedes 600SL wiring harness burns up. Diagnosis, inspection and repair.

Video of our Mercedes Benz 560SL engine project on the Dyno. The project was a huge success.

Mercedes W124 Сoupe V12 M120
Mercedes Benz w124 v12 Test. c124, w124 e500, w124 drift

M120 into 560SL First Warmup Cycle
I now have a temporary radiator in place. This will allow me to continue testing and now put it on the road. Today the car completed its first warm up cycle. Cooling system is now purged and car is now in for inspection.