Mercedes 560SL 600SL Samson Dyno Run

Samson 1986 MB 560SL with M120 V12 Engine. 347RWHP 338 ft-Lb

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A couple a guys and their SLs in Ontario's Farmland for a fall drive... nice!

Mercedes 600SL wiring burns up
Another Mercedes 600SL wiring harness burns up. Diagnosis, inspection and repair.

1989 Mercedes Benz 560SL 45K LHD - Japanese Auto Auctions - Auto Access Japan
Again Wow...its been a special couple of weeks and a great start to 2014 - some great cars coming through and this was no exception - absolutely immaculate from 1989!

Video of our Mercedes Benz 560SL engine project on the Dyno. The project was a huge success.